What to Do After Tree Stump Removal

After a tree is removed the remaining stump can be eliminated in a variety of ways. Often professional tree removal companies such as TW Tree Stumps Removal will grind the stump down for a fee. Renting a stump grinder on your own can be expensive and dangerous, but will get the job done. If the […]

Dangers of Tree Stumps – Land Owners’ Responsibilities

Cutting down a large tree in your yard is often the solution to bothersome branches damaging the home or just to open up sunlight to the yard below. The remaining stump isn’t usually part of the tree-cutting process, relegating it to a permanent fixture in the ground. However, these stumps pose danger to both you, […]

The Surrey Countryside – Everything You Need to Know

One of the things England is most famous for is its green countryside and gardens of colourful flowers and plants, and one of the most popular destinations for anyone who loves the tranquility of the countryside is TW Tree Stumps Removal’s hometown of Surrey. The county is located in southeastern England. Surrey is a rural […]

Tree Surgeon helping land owners across Surrey

Our company has much experience in commerical works, carrying out work for the outdoor areas of  local shops, schools and council owned areas within Surrey. With large areas, trees can become a problem and it is common for the land owner to require the services of a knowledgeable tree surgeon whether it be on a […]

Other garden related services provided by our Tree Surgeons

Maintaining a residence or keeping the exterior appearance of a business looking pristine may require the services of trained professionals such as TW Tree Surgeons. You may be able to take care of the small lawn and garden details, but larger projects such as trimming trees or felling trees is something that requires you to […]

A Tree Surgeon’s Equipment List

A tree surgeon’s job is both challenging and rewarding. It’s challenging because it is a bit hazardous and requires knowledge and skill. It’s rewarding because it contributes to the health and beauty of the customers’ trees and removes the danger of trees that are dead or in places they shouldn’t be. But like every professional, […]

What It Takes To Fell A Tree Safely

Felling a tree is no easy task. Every type of tree requires a specific method of felling in order for the procedure to occur safely and without any risk to the surrounding property. Aside from the type of tree, there is also the way in which the tree naturally leans. Regardless of how a tree […]

Recent Surrey Weather Conditions: How can we help?

The recent weather and the damages A massive amount of rain in Surrey, United Kingdom has led to flooding that is creating problems with trees located in landscaping areas near homes and businesses. Extremely damp soil and rushing water can cause a tree to topple easily leading to damage to a building’s roof. In addition, […]

Your guide to the work of a Tree Surgeon

A Careful and Knowledgeable Hand The trees in any given location are integral to the environment that they inhabit. In addition to adding beauty to the surroundings, trees and other botanical elements ensure the long-term health of the Ecosphere and help to support life throughout the area. Ensuring that trees are able to carry out […]

Winter Weather Clearance – Our Advice

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garden. Snow, frost, and cold weather can cause your plants to break down from the inside out and tear open their cell walls. Most plants can be particularly picky during the winter season, so be sure to check the care tips on your plants before you send it […]